Bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in a home where it’s the start and finish of each day for most people. It’s also a good place to decompress with relaxing showers and can be a place where inspiration strikes. A smaller bathroom can be less glamorous but with some right tricks, a small bathroom can still be your next favourite room.

Darker shades bring depth to the space​

Wait, what? We’ve always been taught that bright colours lighten up spaces, but recent ID styles have included darker shades in small spaces to bring in depth and create an illusion of a larger space. The dark hues imply the big night sky effect and bounce the lights in the bathroom around the space. Attention will be drawn to the light fixtures thus they have to be carefully thought of.

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Bright colours lighten up the space to create a bigger feel​

In the design world, it’s a well-known fact that light and bright colours make a small room look bigger through the optical illusion that it creates. Light, bright wall tiles are more reflective, maximizing natural light effect for bathroom with windows. For windowless bathrooms, adequate lighting will do the trick.

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Big mirrors create an illusion of a bigger space through light reflections​

It’s another well-known fact – mirrors can make a small bathroom look larger and more open. Angle the mirror towards a focal point to give the illusion of depth. Both natural and artificial lighting will create reflections on the mirror making the bathroom brighter. For maximum effect on spaciousness, try using a wall-to-wall mirror.

Glass shower doors create a space without boundaries​

A shower curtain will block part of the bathroom space and visually create the small-space feeling. Opt for glass shower doors instead that keeps the full view of the bathroom visible and produces the spacious feel.

Go Small for Small

Small bathrooms call for small fixtures; it’s a space-saving technique. Save big bulky sinks for bigger bathrooms and use a simple compact wall-hung basin for small bathrooms. The space below the basin can be used for shelving units to create more storage space and remove clutter.

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