Orin offers four types of water closet/toilet bowl:

  • One-Piece Water Closet: One-piece toilets are easily recognised since the bowl and tank are directly attached without any joints. The one-piece water closet is not only more sanitary, but it is also more durable.
  • Close-Coupled Water Closet: A close-coupled water closet is a toilet in which the tank and bowl are distinct parts linked together. Despite being separate from the bowl, the tank is placed behind it so that it looks like a single piece. The primary advantage of the close-coupled design is the ability to replace the tank and bowl separately, which will result in reduced maintenance costs.
  • Wall-Hung Water Closet: If you’re looking for a toilet fixture that combines attractive design with room-saving features, a wall-hung water closet is unquestionably your best choice. Since wall-hung toilets are often more modern and visually appealing than floor-mounted ones, they are the best option for people who prefer to design their bathrooms in a minimalistic way.
  • Back-To-Wall Water Closet: A back-to-wall toilet design blends practicality and aesthetics in a contemporary, space-saving way. This kind of toilet is made to be mounted flush against the bathroom wall, offering the space a streamlined appearance. Its distinctive design reduces the space between the toilet bowl and the wall, making it easy to clean and giving your bathroom a more elegant appearance.
  • Handicap Water Closet: A handicapped water closet is specially made to accommodate those who have mobility issues or other limitations. Individuals with different needs may use the restrooms with ease and independence owing to the creative engineering of this type of toilet, which offers improved accessibility and comfort.