At Orin, there are five types of basins that are available:

  • Console Basin: Also referred to as a sit-on bowl or countertop basin. Console sinks are an excellent option for contemporary or minimalist bathroom designs because they come in various sizes and forms to fit your needs.
  • Wall Hung Basin: Being directly mounted to the wall without requiring a counter or vanity to store them, it is a fantastic space-saving option. It is perfect for small bathrooms. A wall-hung basin will keep your floor open and make your bathroom appear bigger and less cluttered.
  • Pedestal Basin: A pedestal holds up the bowl underneath the basin, which is fixed to the wall. Due to its affordability and durability, the pedestal basin is the most preferred option. The deep basins are the most practical option, and they can be used in bathrooms with both a modern and a traditional design.
  • Vanity Basin: Only the top rim is visible on the countertop with an above-counter basin, whereas under-counter basins will sit beneath your countertop. When the basin is fully set into the counter, it offers the countertop a smooth finish and more storage space. Vanity basins are ideal for achieving a simple and elegant aesthetic.
  • Semi-Recessed Basin: As its name implies, this basin has an extruded front and is partially set in a countertop or cabinet. It works perfectly in bathrooms with limited space and a slim countertop.